Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Release
I'm a free spirit that has been shot down and wronged
I pleaded for help a kind gentle mercy
My heart felt like it rose up to my throat
as you choked the life from me
I cried with pain;
Throat swelling burning like a flame
This fire this burning I'm yearning for help
This is all I have ever felt
My life as its slipping
Veins running cold
My blood as its churning its last
My lungs choking for air breathing heavy
And nobody is there to hold me tight
Or watch this sight
Because there is nothing left for me
Why can't I ever just see?

This poem, written by an anonymous speaker, describes the feeling of being released when he or she is innocent. The poem depicts how life is slipping away from the speaker at his or her release. It evokes a feeling of desperation and frustration of being wronged in the reader.

The poem deals with the theme of release also known as euthanasia in The Giver. This poem is very applicable in the case of release in The Giver. In the book, release is generally thought, even by Jonas, as a happy, peaceful and painless event. In the case of the elderly, it is obliviously known as a celebration of a life well lived. In the case of other than the elderly who are released, such as children, infants and adults, it is known as a departure from the community, something harmless.

However, Jonas later finds out after watching a video of the release of a baby that it is not what the Elders have made it out to be. He realises the horrific and disturbing truth behind the harmless exterior of release, which is euthanasia. It is a cold, heartless killing of innocent people by injections. Moreover, the video Jonas watches in The Giver is a video of his very own father releasing a young baby through a lethal injection through the baby's scalp vein.

This poem can be used to show the views and feelings of the baby after he receives the lethal injection and awaits his own death. The baby, like the speaker, is innocent, but yet is subjected to this horrible procedure for doing no wrong.

The words "And nobody is there to hold me tight, or watch this sight" is very true in the book. There is no warmth or love in the baby's release, just like how the speaker says there is "nobody to hold [him or her] tight". The release the baby goes through is cold and heartless, void of any emotion. Also, the release of the baby is a private event, happening behind closed doors. Hence, the speakers words "nobody is there to watch this sight" is very true as no one was there except Jonas' father to witness the injustice done to the baby.

Also, the poem writes that "Veins running cold, my blood as its churning its last, my lungs choking for air breathing heavy". It aptly describes what Jonas sees in the video as the little baby, after given the injection, starts to convulse and eventually turns cold and limp.

The realisation of the truth of what release really is, is a key event in the novel. It evokes a sense of anger, injustice, sadness as well as shock and horror in Jonas. He realises that the community he lives in is not as perfect as he thought it was. This realisation turns his world upside down, forever altering his perspective about his community. He begins to feel a sense of loneliness, being one of the only few to be able to really feel deep emotions. He becomes disappointed, angry and disgusted that his father did not show any remorse, guilt or grief for what he had done.

This disturbing fact hits him even harder when he realises that the infant Gabriel would have to go through that identical procedure, done most probably by his father. This acts as the spark and stressor that sets off Jonas' adventure and escape from his community so as to save Gabriel from undergoing release as well. Also, Jonas escapes the community so as to not have to live in an unfeeling community, where immoral, cruel and heartless things are done to maintain an unnatural perfection.

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