Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi Miss Li!

A very warm welcome to my Giver blog! I chose this particular blogskin because it reflected on the fact that there are no colours in Jonas's community. The dark grey colour also reflects how sad life is in Jonas's community with no memories and emotions, being very stale and boring. The picture on top of many branches remind me of Jonas's escape journey with Gabriel as they ride past landscapes and agricultural lands where there must have been many trees.

Also, due to some technical problems, I am sadly unable to link my blog to those I have commented on. Hence I have decided to use this post to tell give you the links of the blogs I have commented on. I am so very sorry for the inconvenienced caused! I have commented on:

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Nicolette's blog ------- (class analysis of chapters 1&2 post)
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Alethea's blog ------ giversthinker.blogspot. (" Why the cage bird sings" poem post)

Thank You so much for your kind understanding and enjoy!

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